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I am an amateur photographer. I photograph in my spare time because it is my passion. Here are 10 tips that I think will improve your photography. As with anything, there are rules in photography, but sometimes when you break them, you get unique and interesting photos. Keep this in mind as you read through these tips!

1. Eyes are important.

When taking photos of anything with eyes, you must focus on them. When we look at photos, we are immediately drawn to eyes, so they should be in focus.

2. Keep the sun behind you.

Don’t take photos of anything when you are looking into the sun unless you want a silhouette or are using a flash or reflector. You will not get good photos since your camera believes that you are taking photos of something very bright and will try to darken it.

3. Cameras are not smarter than you!

If you often get grainy photos, it is because you have low light, and the camera uses a high ISO setting to correct this (a camera needs less light to get a clear photo with higher ISO). Use the flash or set the camera to ISO 200, which is a good general setting. Lighting is viewed very differently by humans and cameras. Our eyes adjust properly for bright and poor light, while cameras do not. Digital cameras are great for testing lighting out. Before taking shots of people, try different areas and directions for light and see how this affects the photos.

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