10 Best Backpacking Trips in Canada

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Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park is home to one of the most renowned mountains in all the world. This is often called the Matterhorn of Canada, because of it’s unique pyramid shape. Mount Assiniboine tops out at 11,870 feet and is the highest peak in the southern Continental Ranges. This 37-mile trail starts at the Mount Shark trailhead and heads to Lake Magog. Camp here or stay at the exquisite Mount Assiniboine Lodge and explore the wonderful hikes nearby, such as Wonder Pass, Marvel Lake or Sunburst Lake. The way out can be even more spectacular if you chose to hike out via Sunshine Ski Hill. This route passes over the stunning Citadel Pass. Upon reaching Sunshine Meadows you can hike or bus the remaining trail to the parking lot. Note that doing this route will require a second car to act as a shuttle. This hike will take roughly 3-6 days to complete.


The Chilkoot trail is the same route that 49ers used during the gold rush, starting in Alaska and crossing the border to British Columbia. This 33-mile hike is a one-way destination, that starts in Skagway, and ends in Bennett Lake. Once you’ve reached Bennett Lake, you can hop on the White Pass and Yukon Railway and ride the train to the nearest town. This 5-day hike requires a lot of planning, and a permit is required during the busy months from June to August.

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