10 Best Backpacking Trips in Canada

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The famous West Coast Trail is in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of British Columbia. This entire 47-mile route runs along the rainforest coast of Vancouver Island. The recommended route for this hike is to start in Pachena Bay and hike south to Gordon River. The southern half of this hike is more strenuous, so it’s easier to hike at the end when your pack is lighter. Most people complete this hike in 4-6 days depending on how leisurely they hike. Permits are available each year on April 1st, as well as same day permits to fill available spaces.


The Skyline Trail is located along the Maligne range of the Canadian Rockies in Jasper National Park. This stunning 28-mile hike will take 3 days to complete (it has been done in one-long day for those who can’t spare 3 days). There are six campsites located along the route, so you can leisurely walk the route and take in the mountain top views. The second day of hiking is the best section of the route with an 11 mile stretch of trail that is above the tree line. Along this trail, you will find meadows of green grass and snow-capped ridges that drop down into desolate brown and grey valleys with bright blue alpine lakes.

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