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The time is here to cuddle up with a good blanket and an even better horror movie. Or 10 horror movies. That’s what we have here after scouring Netflix and Amazon Prime for an even mix of horror genre scares.

Below, you’ll find a diverse list of horror films that range from zombiemovies to thrillers to slashers to fairy tales gone wrong. There’s body horror and hauntings and even an exorcism or two to be had.

So, make yourself some popcorn, order in, and get ready to binge your heart out while putting those final touches on the perfect Halloween night getup.

01. As Above, So Below (2014) (Netflix)

The Blair Witch Project but make it Parisian sewers.

The scares in this found-footage horror flick take place in Paris’ infamous catacombs. While making their way further and further down through what is essentially a graveyard maze, a group of travelers in search of the philosopher’s stone (yes, that one) get more than they bargained for. Much more.

Watch for: Found footage-style storytelling, treasure hunting, Paris, ancient traps (!), and accidental Harry Potter references.

02. Errementari: The Blacksmith and the Devil (2017) (Netflix)

Fairy tales and folklore have always been ripe pickings for the horror genre. Devilish creatures bent on punishing humans, teaching us lessons, and stealing our children (or, y’know, other things)? The stuff of nightmares.

Errementari takes a classic European fairy tale — a Brothers Grimm fairytale from Children’s and Household Tales nonetheless — and makes it all the more terrifying. A blacksmith living as a hermit has captured a demon and keeps it locked away for his own purposes until a little girl frees it. Then everything goes to, uh, hell.

Watch for: Misty forests, the literal devil, a runaway child, a lynch mob, and a reason to be scared of chickpeas.

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