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Known for more than just its chocolate and watches, Switzerland offers possibly some of the best views for mountain bikers in the world. This small European country is a hotspot for tourists and there is no question why. With mind-blowing mountains and lakes, Switzerland is a Mecca for adventurers of any type, especially mountain bikers.

Let’s look at ten locations that will leave you picking your jaw up off the floor.


Renamed after the Italian city Trento in Italy, Trient is a landscape of unspoiled beauty. This municipality is home to part of the Alps. Legend has it that there are even dinosaur tracks throughout the countryside. This region offers breathtaking views, and when biking into the Martigny Valley, you’ll be greeted by vineyards that span for miles. With a low-difficulty rating, you can rest assured that you can enjoy these breathtaking views without it taking away too much of your breath!


Hidden to most of the outside world, this secluded nature reserve will certainly offer a new level of remoteness to your next mountain biking expedition. Once the largest municipality of Switzerland, Val de Bagnes has it all. With views of everything from lakes, glaciers, rock gardens, and wildlife, there could be no better way to take it all in than from the seat of your bike. To note: Val de Bagnes is a protected zone, so be mindful of where you go and what you do.

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