10 Things Ancient People Did That Would Be Totally Weird Today

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With the development of technologies and new methods of research, we can claim that we know everything about the ancients. However, the more we learn about their everyday life, the more this knowledge fascinates us because some practices of the ancients were too bizarre even for our modern standards.

We  gathered 10 facts about ancient people that will totally baffle and amaze you and make you say “Wow!”

1. Women used lead and sulfur to dye their hair.


People have been coloring their hair since ancient times, but the lack of knowledge in chemistry and incorrect use of the wrong substances sometimes ended badly for their health. The ancients also used plant materials to dye their hair, but the effect did not last long. The Greeks and Romans used a permanent hair dye that consisted of different chemicals including sulfur.

In the 1700s, the Italians liked to soak their long hair in corrosive solutions of lye to get a golden color for their locks. Many European ladies used saffron and sulfur powder to achieve great looks. Afghans also believed that dyeing their hair different colors could cure a headache.

2. Glass balls and ground rubber were used as breast implants.

Since ancient times, women have used different means to improve their beauty. The breasts were no exception. Some women put tropical treatments or homemade “growth creams” on their breasts to make them bigger. Others massaged coconut oil into their skin.

However, the first breast surgery was performed only in 1895 by Vincenz Czerny. The doctor needed to make the breasts of his patient even after he cut out a tumor. After that, doctors used different materials to enlarge women’s breasts: ivory, glass balls, ground rubber, and other fillers.

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