10 Tips for Amazing Cityscape Photography

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While most landscape photographers enjoy photographing sweeping mountain vistas and rushing rivers –there’s another type of photography that you may want to try your hand at as well –cityscape photography.

Just because they may be short on trees and fields, doesn’t mean that cities are lacking in drama or beauty. There are plenty of fascinating details just waiting to be discovered in the city, and great landscape photographers are at an advantage when it comes to drawing those details out.

If you’re able to compose landscape images –then you’ll be able to make the switch to cityscapes easily. Here’s a look at a few tips that will help you to create some amazing urban images –while capturing the excitement and energy that cities have to offer.

1. Timing is Everything

When it comes to getting the most out of your cityscape, timing is important. While it’s true that you can capture cities at any time of the day, urban environments tend to photograph a lot better at certain times of the day –and during certain weather.

  • Early Morning

Early morning is a great time to photograph your city at a time when few people see it. Very early morning also means that fewer people will be out, you and your camera will have the streets largely to yourself. If it’s a clear day, the early morning golden hour can be a great time to capture the city, as it will be bathed in beautiful golden light.

  • Just Before Dusk

Alternatively, late evening can also be a great time to capture urban landscapes. During this time of day, the sun will appear lower in the sky, which means beautiful, saturated colors. If there’s a storm rolling in, all the better –afternoon storms can result in some exciting cloud formations, and can add some excitement and drama to your cityscape images.

  • After Dark

Finally, at night, the city is illuminated with beautiful lights –making it a perfect time to capture light trails, or buildings that are aglow. Take advantage of this time, and use it to create some unique and spectacular images.

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