10 Weird Things Every Woman Does In Secret

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Women and men have some pretty recognizable differences when it comes to regular tasks, our thinking patterns, and overall everyday life, and a lot of us have secret habits and daily rituals that we do without thinking as both men and women. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell which habits are specifically gender-based being that we’re all humans and share similar insecurities in which we wouldn’t want to share with anyone but, we’ve taken our time to gather these fifteen things that women do in secrecy. Check them out for yourself!

That Pesky Blush Brush

Apparently, some women aren’t too keen about regularly cleaning their prized blush brushes. First of all, we’re aware of how much makeup products cost but, wouldn’t something like this cause massive amount skin irritation and acne? Gotta wash those blush brushes, ladies.

Car Pimple Popper

Well, this one’s kind of hard to hide, being that everyone can actually see you. Even though, sometimes, even we fall guilty of doing something in our cars without realizing we’re actually in clear sight in public. But, pimple popping in the car can fall on both men and women equally. You ladies just tend to get caught more often.

Shaving Everywhere… No, Seriously, Everywhere.

The entire body shave is nothing to be bashful or shy about and actually, that’s the most considerate thing a woman could do, if she’s expecting a hot date. But, you’ve got to admit it’s gotta be nearly impossible to not miss a spot. As men, we definitely appreciate the effort.

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