12 Weird Things Guys Do Without Realizing It, According To Reddit Women

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Men do so many outlandish things that they don’t even realize the difference between what’s weird and what’s not. Most guys don’t really consider what a man is doing, so it’s not that odd for them to just accept each other’s mannerisms, but women absolutely notice! We have certain expectations of the men in our lives and when they do things that seem strange to us, we’re definitely going to talk about it!

If a guy just walks up to us picking his nose, some other guys might think, “Oh, he’s got an itch” or “Dang, he’s gotta get that thing!” Women, on the other hand, will be disgusted and wonder what possessed him to approach them with his finger a knuckle deep in his filthy nasal cavity! If he thinks we’ll want anything to do with him after seeing where he puts his fingers, then he’s got another thing coming! What’s really strange is that men don’t even understand that they’re doing these weird, gross or even creepy things! When this topic comes up, women don’t hesitate to share their stories, and to prove it here are a few weird things guys do without realizing it, according to Reddit women:

12. No Touchy!

“Unsolicited shoulder massages” 

Ladies, have you ever been in the midst of a conversation and one of your guy friends walks up and just starts massaging your shoulders? Sometimes guys actually know what they’re doing and you’ve asked for one before, making a friendly shoulder massage just fine – natural, even, but not when you have no idea they’re even present and you’re obviously busy with your girls. What also isn’t okay is when you’re out on the town with your squad and suddenly you feel hands on your bare shoulders, attempting to massage you while the stranger leans forward to introduce himself and his friends.

The word “awkward” doesn’t even scratch the surface of how this makes women feel. First off, never touch a woman without her permission – ever! Unless you’re her boyfriend and you’ve got a touchy-feely relationship, it’s never okay to assume a woman wants to be touched, even if it’s a nice, relaxing shoulder massage, because odds are she isn’t feeling relaxed in the least! If you want to show a woman you’re interested, don’t assume right off the bat that she’s going to want your hands all over her. Do what any normal person would do and simply introduce yourself or at least ask if she’d like a shoulder rub!

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