12 Weirdest Things People Get Insured

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When we think of insurance, we tend to switch off. It’s a pretty boring business, right? Well, maybe it is, most of the time – but there are some exceptions to the rule. And here are our favourite standout stories from the actually surprisingly, wonderfully weird world of insurance…

1. Ghostly goings-on

Legend has it that a hotel owner in England once took out a £1m policy to insure against ghosts. Apparently, he’d spotted a spooky spirit at the bar and was concerned a customer could do the same.

2. Horror stories

Scared of being turned into a vampire or werewolf? You’re not alone. Another otherworldly rumour claims 60,000 people have taken out insurance to cover themselves, should they be turned into a blood-sucking ghoul.

3. Pure fantasy

Back in the real world – sort of – one major insurer was asked to cover a vintage Star Wars collection estimated to be worth around £700k.

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