13 All-Time Best Healthy Vegetarian Meals

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It’s easy to be veg-inspired this time of year, isn’t it? Veggie power reigns in late summer!

When the farm markets and grocery stores are overflowing with gorgeous produce, vegetarian meals are the perfect way to put it all to delicious use! No doubt … we knew this was a great time to feature some of the very most popular vegetarian recipes out there in blog-land!

But you know what? The inspiration doesn’t have to end with the first frost. No, siree! With so many outstanding recipes here, you’ll have plenty of ways to stay veg-inspired all year long!

You’ve probably noticed the meatless trend: even non-vegetarians are embracing the benefits of subbing out even one meat-focused meal each week, in exchange for a vegetarian dinner. Meatless Monday? Yup! It’s totally a thing! And for good reason – vegetarian meals can be a terrific way to work more nutritious ingredients into your weekly dinner rotations.

But they’ve gotta taste amazing, right? So amazing that your family (even those meat lovers!) won’t care one bit about leaving out the meat and trying a vegetarian recipe instead.

Well (full disclosure here) … I pretty much drooled on my keyboard as I put this list together for you. If anything is going to convince a meat-atarian to veg out for an evening, these recipes are definitely it!

You loyal THK’ers know by now that, for each of the lists in our special Very Best Healthy Recipes Series (this is the 7th in our series), we polled hundreds of other food bloggers, asking them to share the one – just one! – absolutely, positively most popular healthy recipe from their entire site.

Sure, we got plenty of chicken recipes and definitely lots of healthy fish recipes … but we also got loads of fantastic vegetarian meals. We sorted through to choose the most outstanding of all (trying, trying not to slobber shamelessly on the keyboard …), and I’ve gotta tell ya … this honestly may be my personal favorite “Very Best Healthy Recipes” post yet! I have absolutely no doubt why all these recipes have become so crazy popular!

Whether you’re making brilliant use of your garden’s bounty (and the 15.2 million extra zucchini that no doubt showed up), or simply searching for a few exciting ideas for meatless Monday, or really just looking for fresh twists to rotate into your existing line-up of vegetarian meals … hey, we’ve got you covered, all year long! (And that drooling on your keyboard thing … remember … I warned you …)

Quinoa Vegetarian Meatballs from Lindsey at American Heritage Cooking

Lo Mein from Megan at Allergy Awesomeness

Best Ever Vegan Jambalaya from Marly at Namely Marly

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