13 Really Weird Things Men Do That Women Have ZERO Idea About

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As written by a man.

(Insert the gender you are not) are weirdos. We can all agree about that. Maybe they’re not from a planet named after a Greek god but they do things that you just don’t understand. Is it how they were raised? Is it because of some hormone that you lack? Is it because they’re emulating someone admirable they’ve seen on television, films or the stage?

No one knows or cares. You just know that stuff they do (and say!) doesn’t always make sense to you, and you’re pretty sure the stuff they do (and say!) amongst their own kind is even more arcane, if not sinister.

Well, through the power of TV, you probably have a decent idea of some of the weird stuff men do, either while alone or in groups, but you likely don’t know the depth of it. Here are 12 things to calm yourself about when you’re worried if some dude likes you or not, and not all of them have to do with his dick.

1. We unleash our inner geeks when alone.

While not many of us study traditional martial arts, we all practice gunfighting, kung fu, or the lightsaber when we get a free moment. Yeah, even that guy with chiseled abs and the Harvard MBA does this.

2. We send other dudes pictures of our poop.

We’ve been churning that dung for upwards of a day, and we want to see what became of it and if we may need to consult a doctor. Some men take photos and send it to their friends; frankly this would be 90 percent of the content if there was a males-only Instagram. Women may do this if they actually pooped.

3. We think about cheating all the time.

Men talk about boning a decent amount. Outside of fantasy football, it’s evidently the most interesting thing out there. And even the “good guys” who would never, ever cheat, talk about cheating. Frankly, the verbal masturbationmay prevent infidelity as dudes who cheat suspect their “square” friends of telling their wives and girlfriends everything.

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