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1. Bring Offline Activities

Traveling to different cities around South America means you’ll be taking the bus.

If you’re doing the typical backpacker circuit, be prepared for plenty of overnight bus rides.

While you can spend a lot time gazing out at the beautiful scenery, it’s also wise to bring some offline activities to occupy your time.

Download apps and games that work without WiFi, bring a book, write in your journal, knit, draw, or do anything else that you enjoy to pass the time.

Travel tip:

Use this time to practice your Spanish or Portuguese (depending where you are).

These buses are typically full of locals, so you’ll essentially have access to a free language exchange.

If you prefer a language-learning app, Rype is a membership service offering unlimited one-on-one lessons each month that’s really awesome!

2. Watch What You Eat

The food is South America is delicious, but it can also be dangerous for your waistline.

Because Brazil, Argentina and Chile tend to be more on the expensive side, I typically opted to cook in my hostel.

However, once I was in BoliviaPeru and Ecuador, I could get a three-course meal for around $1. As a result, my food intake increased (as did my pant’s size).

While the local eateries that offer these traditional meals are worth frequenting, try to eat only half of your food and add lots of active adventures into your itinerary.

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