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5. Bring Your Sweet Tooth

In many places in South America, you will be surrounded by delicious cakes, cookies, pastries and candies.

I especially noticed this in Brazil, where it is not uncommon to eat sweets for breakfast.

In fact, at all of the Brazilian hostels I stayed in, treats like chocolate cake with sprinkles and chocolate sandwich cookies were served in the morning.

6. Take A Photography Class

South America is full of surreal and otherworldly landscapes. These beautiful sights include Patagonia, the Uyuni Salt Flats and Iguazu Falls. Scenery like this deserves more than a quick snapshot.

Before your trip, take a photography class to hone your skills.

UDEMY is great for online courses.

If you have the money invest in a professional camera, South America is a great destination to play around and get creative using beautiful landscapes as a backdrop.

One thing to consider though: if sleeping on overnight buses, you’ll want to be really careful with a large camera.

For this reason, I recommend the lightweight and budget-friendly Sony Alpha a6000 (pictured above), or using a higher quality smartphone.

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