15 Best Places To Backpack In The World

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5. Indonesia

Of course Indonesia cannot be missed in this list. A place where a meal cost you less than a dollar if you eat with the locals. Most people forget that there is way more to Indonesia than Bali. Of course is the Holy Island one of the best backpack destinations for beginners, but it is getting way too crowded and prices are rising. In a lot of places in Java and Sumatra you will not even spend more than $5 dollar per day for food & drinks. Fruits on markets are incredibly affordable and it is hard to believe how renting a motorbike in Indonesia can sometimes only cost $3 per day. Some adventures can easily be done on a budget, read about my secret travel tip: Nusa Penida. Swim with manta rays, explore the rough coastline, chill on deserted beaches while driving from one amazing viewpoint to another on your motorbike. For the real adventures in us head to Lombok and do a Mount Rinjani trekking. And if you are looking for reasons why is Bali so popular I can give them to you as well.

6. Guatemala

I know it is another country in Central America and yes if you are traveling on a budget and looking for the cheapest country in the world to travel then definitely think about Central America as your destination.In Guatemala I decided to study Spanish in Panajachel, an absolutely stunning village on Lake Panajachel. For 30h one-on-one with a Spanish teacher I paid $105 and for $55 more I could opt to stay with a local family for one week, all meals included. Interested in learning a forreign language but don’t have the time to travel? Check out Preply and find your tutor online.

I remember that for hostels around the country I paid as little as $5 and that was for the well-known places mentioned in the LonelyPlanet Central America on a shoestring. I did not take part in any tours and explored the country by myself and went on my own to Tikal, all by public transport. Central America is definitely among the best backpack destinations and Guatemala for sure is one of the best places to travel on a budget.

A cinema ticket in Antigua was only $3, but I remember a traveler saying that it was expensive. First I laughed but then I think he had a point as he told me he paid the same price for his hostel bed. 😉

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