15 Chilling Photos Of Real Ghosts Doing Weird Things

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Just the thought of a supernatural being potentially staring at you while you sleep and lurking around your home in the middle of the night is enough to send chills down anyone’s spine. Many people believe some ghosts are invisible, while others claim to have seen the spirits of dead people with their own two eyes. These haunting sightings have been compiled into ghost stories and passed down from generation to generation. If you think ghost stories are rubbish, you’ll change your mind after seeing these photos.

These aren’t just stories that someone concocted centuries ago. We have actual photos of real ghosts that have been captured on film throughout the years. This collection of creepy images is mind-boggling. You may not want to believe the photos are real because it’s much easier to label them as hoaxes. But years after many of these pictures of ghostly figures were taken, no one has been able to debunk what was captured on film.

Get prepared to see some photos that are so frightening, they’ll surely disturb you. Many of these images have been known to cause nightmares, so if you’re even a tad bit afraid of anything related to the paranormal, you may want to turn away now. But if you love diving deep into the unknown and scaring TF out of yourself, these eery images will get the job done. Here are 15 chilling photos of REAL ghosts doing real things. Just wait until you see the photo of the ghost who decided to spend the day at an amusement park. Talk about creepy AF!


This photo was captured at Combermere Abbey – a former monastery that was later converted into a house. It’s located in Cheshire, England and has been in existence since the 1130s. We may never know how many people died on or near the property, but any place that’s this old is bound to have a ghost or two roaming its hallways. That’s why it’s no surprise that someone actually captured a real ghost while visiting the monastery.

If you look closely at the image, you can make out the outline of an older man sitting in a chair. It’s believed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere, a man who died a very tragic death. In 1891, he was killed after being struck by one of London’s first electrically powered motor cabs.

The photo was taken by a woman named Sybell Corbet in the monastery’s library. It was taken on the same day Lord Combermere’s funeral was taking place four miles away. In the image, you can see the man’s head, his collar, and his right arm resting on the arm of the chair. Corbet claimed it took the photo about an hour to develop, but when it did, her jaw dropped. Many people believed the photo was a hoax, and it was just one of the monastery’s servants sitting in the chair. But Corbet insisted that everyone in the household was attending his funeral at the time this picture was taken.


If you believe in ghosts, you probably believe that they surround us and walk amongst us at all times. And if the guy in this photo didn’t believe ghosts exists before taking this picture, we’re sure he does now. While at a wax museum in Blackpool, England, the man stopped to take a picture. His wife snapped the photograph, and the couple was completely shocked when they later took a look at the image.

In the background, up above the man’s right shoulder, you can see a ghost’s head peering through the glass window. The man’s wife insisted there was no “trickery” involved in this photo at all, and there was nothing around which could have caused a face to reflect off the glass.

Upon further inspection, the wife and husband realized they recognized the ghost in the glass! Her face was eerily similar to the appearance of an actress named Violet Carson. Violet died in April 1980, and her remains were scattered in Blackpool!

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