15 Real-Life Mysteries Too Weird Things For The X-Files

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They say that truth is stranger than fiction, and these 15 cases prove that statement. From 1993 to 2002, “The X-Files” baffled the minds of fans as the show explored hauntings, UFOs, alien encounters, mysterious murders, and all things most people would see as being creepy and impossible. However, there are odd events happening all around us that have never been explained or solved.

Hundred of people have claimed to have seen Big Foot and experts have tried to explain away the Lochness Monster. Yet, the creatures at Skinwalker Ranch who are devouring cattle have been seen by scientists who don’t know who, or what, they are. The dead boy found wrapped in a blanket on the side of the road has never been identified, but it’s the condition of his body that kept his story on the front page of newspapers. Driving to the beach with family is supposed to be fun, that is until everyone hears mysterious voice talking that doesn’t come from anyone in the silent car. And while no one believes the parents of the Pollock twins, mom and dad were convinced that the girls were reincarnated versions of the daughters they lost in a car accident. You’ve been warned: you may want to read these stories with the lights on.


In March of 1991, five South Korean boys between the ages of 9 and 13 went missing while they were out catching frogs. Over 300,000 police officers searched for the five friends, and some of the parents quit their jobs in order to focus on finding their missing kids. Eleven years later, a man was out in the woods looking for acorns when he came across the bodies of the boys. What confused police was that the area they were found in had been searched multiple times.

Initially, police thought that the boys had died of hypothermia, but an investigation revealed that four of the boys had died of blunt force trauma to the head while the fifth took a shotgun blast to the skull. Today, even if they do find the murderer (or murderers), the statute of limitations expired in 2006, so the killer can never be prosecuted. The case remains unsolved.


Gloria Ramirez was fighting a battle against advanced cervical cancer. In 1994, she was rushed to the hospital as she was suffering from confusion, tachycardia, and Cheyne–Stokes respiration. Nurses pumped her full of meds to sedate her, but when Gloria wasn’t responding to treatment, they tried to defibrillate her heart. This is when things get weird. The hospital staff noticed that Gloria’s body was covered in a strange, oily sheen, and her breath began to smell like a fruity, garlic-y mix. Also, when blood was drawn from her arm, the tube smelled like ammonia.

After the nurse gave the syringe to another staff member named Julie Gorchynski, Julie saw particles floating in Gloria’s blood. At that point, the nurse who drew the blood fainted, and soon, Julie started feeling nauseous before she, too, passed out. When a third nurse fainted, the emergency room was evacuated. Twenty-three people became sick, and five were so bad they had to be hospitalized. A crew stayed inside to care for Gloria, but she eventually died from kidney failure. Some experts claim that the “illnesses” were caused by mass hysteria, but others believe that exposure to Gloria was the cause. Today, they have yet to figure out why the toxic lady made everyone sick.

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