15 Strange Things Mysteriously Found Frozen In Ice

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Icy landscapes are known to have many secrets hidden below them. With the ever increasing temperatures of the world through global warming some of these discoveries are finally being found. Some good, and some deadly bad. Most of these mysterious things found in ice are present in Siberia. Siberia is located in Russia, and is one of the coldest places on Earth.

Many people travel Siberia in order to hunt reindeer, but come back with much more than they expected. Most of these discoveries can range from bodies of strange animals, that aren’t from this era, to giant holes in the ground, that literally spell out the world’s end. It’s  interesting, and scary to think of the things we will be able to find in a few decades time, if global warming continues at the rate it’s at.

Scientists are always ecstatic to find these new discoveries, because it gives them gateways into the past. Sometimes dating far back to the BC era. The icy climates typically allow researchers to examine bodies from this era that are still fully in tact. It acts as a time portal, and scientists can examine different diseases, and creatures that roamed the earth many centuries ago.


A voyage into frozen waters left the crew, and many of the passengers upon a ship, the raw sea party, in tragedy, and ended up crashing. However, recovered from the crash site were a century old lot of photographs from the expedition. In 2013 a group of conservationists were reconstructing huts in the arctic when they ran across a lockbox frozen in a block of ice, that withheld these black and white images.

Once the images were formatted to be visible, they depicted several photos from the expedition, and showed many of the crew in worry, as they knew they’re days were numbered. One of the most notable photos depicts a man standing proud, the leader of the expedition, Earnest Shackleton. It’s said that the ship became stuck in ice, and the crew members were forced to abandon it, and walk the rest of the way on the frozen waters. It’s said the crew ended up surviving, and made it to their destination, leaving behind these photos to tell their story.


This woman frozen in ice, may not seem that disturbing upon first glance, but when you hear her backstory, and really see the detail in her frozen body, it may send a chill down your spine. This Incan mummy was found over 20,000 feet above sea level on the edge of a volcano, accompanied, by what can be assumed were her children. It’s said she was so well preserved, that she still had lice in her hair.

The researchers, and doctors who were examining her were legitimately freaked during examination, with one even noting the realistic nature of her hands reminded him of a living, breathing human being. It’s assumed her clan sacrificed her to the volcano, due to her many ailments which included tuberculosis. Since she was so well preserved doctors were able to conclude her many ailments, and it even offered a gateway to the period of time in which she lived.

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