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Sweet potatoes are one of my all time favorite versatile vegetables that I cook year round.

Growing up it wasn’t always this way. In fact, I don’t even remember us every having sweet potatoes except at Thanksgiving covered in mini marshmallows.

If that sounds like you, I encourage you to try some of these delicious ways to eat sweet potatoes!

I could eat sweet potatoes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and never get sick of them.

Whether it’s a sweet recipe or a savory one, sweet potatoes are just incredible to cook with and add so much flavor to a dish!

Here are 15 of my favorite vegetarian sweet potato recipes.

1. 30 Minute Sweet Potato Refried Bean Nachos

Roasted smoky sweet potato cubes, homemade refried beans, and 5 minute nacho cheese sauce are topped with fresh cilantro and served over tortilla chips.

These nachos are TO DIE FOR and I make them regularly.

My husband and I can eat the entire sheet pan ourselves they are that incredible!

2. Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Chili

Fall crock pot lovers raise your hand!

This sweet potato chili is knock your socks off delicious and perfect for a chilly evening.

3. Sweet Potato Tacos

Smoky sweet and topped with zesty fresh lime, I could eat these every day!

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