15 Weird Things About the Earth You Never Knew Before

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We all know and accept that the world is a strange place. Humans have enough crazy in them to fascinate anyone for centuries. However, there are some facts about the natural world that would have us reeling. Below is a list of some weird facts and details

Everyone knows that our planet is a strange place. There are so many different types of environments, animals, and people, that a person can travel around the world for the better part of their life, and still don’t get to see everything there is to see. That is why guides like this one are helpful – you can get to see at some of the weirdest and funniest places in the world, without having to spend thousands of dollar or months of your time traveling.

1. The Hottest Place in the World

According to Wikipedia, the hottest place in the world is Al-Aziza, a region in the North African state of Libya. This place has the highest temperatures ever recorded (136 F) – in fact, they are the record holder for the past 90 years.

2. The Coldest Place in the World

Obviously, after discovering the hottest place in the world, you now need to know about the coldest one. That award goes to the Soviet Vostok Station, located in Antartica. They received the “award” back on July 21, 1983, and have held it ever since.

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