16 Weird Things That Make Us Ask ‘Why Does This Exist?’

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Sometimes a product comes out and, even if you don’t see it as something you’d want, you can understand why it exists. It’s useful to someone, just not you.

But other times…there’s just no logical reason for something to exist. No matter what angle you try to look at it, nothing explains the existence of the thing.

1. I know that Sweethearts have been updated with more modern phrases, but…

“Text me” is really silly, but it sort of makes sense in the tradition of the candies, but why would anyone think “no way” is a sweet message?

2. You can buy DuckTape in many colors now, but I’m not sure teen girls buy enough to merit this.

The only thing I can possibly think of this being “good” for is a DuckTape prom dress — a girl at my high school did that. Using Justin Bieber DuckTape is a stretch, though.

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