16 Weird Things That Probably Shouldn’t Be Happening

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Sometimes, a situation breaks out that even the people involved can’t explain.

A car accident will normally have the drivers pointing fingers at each other, but they’ll both be reduced to shrugs if one of the cars is somehow hanging from the power lines.

I don’t know if the crazy crap in these pictures happened because the laws of nature are reminding us they’re not as easy to understand as we think, but that’s my best guess.

1. I don’t know about y’all, but I feel like the less I know about what’s going on here, the better.

Let’s just say this gamer is so hardcore that making the controller slippery is the only way they can feel challenged and never look back.

2. I feel for anyone who gets stuck with this team-building exercise from hell, but I feel even worse for the people sitting behind them.

They never asked for this. They were just settling in for a normal meeting until theĀ verypublic bathroom jamboree started up.

3. OK, playing chess with a skeleton is one thing, but how is this guy actually losing pieces?

Unless we’re interrupting the filming of a very low-budget remakeĀ The Seventh Seal, the bony buddy shouldn’t even be able to make move!

I think he’s letting it win.

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