16 Weird Things That Probably Shouldn’t Be Happening

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4. I’d say they missed an important detail when they locked this poor guy in, but I’m still stuck on why they did that in the first place.

Did he realize nobody ever shoved him in a locker in school and he thought he was missing out?

5. Yikes, I guess someone heard that screeching noise lobsters make when you boil them and really took it personally.

If that’s true, at least it’ll probably mean they’ll let this guy go when he gets freaked out enough to hit the exact same octave.

6. I guess I can kind of understand spicing up a piano recital with pyrotechnics, but doing it this way seems a little counter-productive.

Just because he can technically play “Through The Fire And Flames” on the piano, that doesn’t mean he has to be so literal.

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