19 Weirdest Things People Painted On Roads To Slow Down Speeding Cars

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It’s commonly accepted that 1886 was the year in which the car was born. This was followed by the first-ever car accident, which occurred when John Lambert hit a tree root in Ohio City, Ohio, and careened into a hitching post in 1891. Then, in 1896, during an automobile demonstration at Crystal Palace in London, England, Bridget Driscoll became the first person to die in a vehicle-related accident when she was struck by a car that was traveling at a snail-like 4 mph.

The automobile has evolved at a breakneck speed since the early 20th century. They’ve become much more efficient and a lot faster, and there are millions of them driving on streets and highways all over the world. Of course, it’s no secret that the number of injuries and fatalities has grown exponentially, too. Vehicles colliding with vehicles, vehicles colliding with trees, and vehicles colliding with people. Not many folks paid much attention to road safety a hundred years ago, but it’s certainly become an issue now.

One of the leading causes of car crashes is speed, which is frustrating because driving too fast is totally avoidable. Those in charge of keeping our roads safe focus a lot of their time and effort on devising ways to slow people down. Hefty fines and demerit points are mildly effective. Signs, speed bumps, and roundabouts are a few of the other things that make drivers reduce speed. Another method that’s being increasingly used is road art. Let’s check out the 20 weirdest things painted on roads to slow speeding cars.


On this list, we’ll see a zebra crossing that was painted in an intersection in Ísafjörður, Iceland. The stripes were painted in a way that they looked as if they were floating at bumper height. Here’s a crossing that took that same idea but brought it to a whole different level. Well, the white stripes are painted much like the ones at the Ísafjörður pedestrian crossing, but the artist went a step further by making it look like these raised lines have legs and feet supporting them as they stroll across the street. The scene becomes a little more surreal when you add in a real pedestrian because it truly looks like anyone using this crossing is elevated, too. This creative crossing was designed so that traffic approaching from either direction will have their attention captured, which will cause them to slow down even if there’s nobody crossing the street. A lot of drivers will also slow down and crawl through the intersection just so that they can get a good look at this amazing design. Some locals claim that this crosswalk attracts visitors to the town who just want to see this fascinating work of art.


If you happen to be driving down the road and you suddenly start seeing cartoon characters walking in front of you, then there’s a good chance that you shouldn’t be driving until you have your eyes checked. That’s unless you’re driving through the streets of Osaka, Japan and you happen to see the Peanuts gang at this crosswalk. Even after doing a double take on approach, you’ll be convinced that Woodstock is leading the parade with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy, and Marcie in tow, which should cause you to slow down and give your head a good shake. Everything about this illusion is perfect right down to the shadows that these classic characters cast. Well, the fact that they’re cartoons might be a dead giveaway that all isn’t what it seems, but these images will surely make you slow down. The overwhelming majority of crosswalks still consist of the same old boring white stripes, but we’re starting to see a growing number of more creative crossings like this one, which can put a smile on your face as it does its intended job of reducing your speed and increasing road safety.

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