19 Weirdest Things People Painted On Roads To Slow Down Speeding Cars

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Alex Maksiov is another uber-talented artist who has the uncanny ability to capture one’s attention and imagination through his often-surreal imagery. The veteran and in-demand Ukrainian art school graduate is considered a pioneer in street art and his awe-inspiring work can be seen in several countries throughout the world.

It’s artwork like this that’s earned him numerous awards and made him one of the premier names in street painting. The effectiveness of this piece is twofold. It features an open manhole that almost any driver will slow down and stop for.

Those that won’t will surely be aware of the enormous centipede that appears to have emerged from the open manhole and is making its way across the street. This combination is more than enough to get even a party-bound Justin Bieber to bring his Lamborghini to a rolling stop. Can you imagine driving toward a larger-than-life creepy crawly? Of course, as one gets closer to the artwork, it becomes clearer that this is just an illusion, as the image begins to distort and take on its true 2-dimensional look. You can visit Alex’s website to see some of his other jaw-dropping street art.


We’ve seen a few weird things painted on roads that are there to make speeding cars slow down, but this piece of art might not just make people ease up on the gas. Instead, this detailed design might cause an approaching driver to stop completely and turn around in search of a detour. A driver who’s coming up to this picture on the road might be fooled into thinking that the street is impassable unless they risk walking across the log that spans the seemingly bottomless abyss. This painting is actually a clever way that a running club in Russia made a statement about putting off things such as a new fitness regimen or a diet. The excuses we make to postpone things until a later time are just obstacles that we conveniently invent. In other words, they’re merely illusions just like this road painting. German artists Marion Ruthardt and Gregor Wosik were invited to put their artistic 3-dimensional work in 5 parks throughout Moscow to make this point. Each creation is a subtle reminder that there’s really nothing to stop you from reaching the other side, just as there’s nothing really preventing you from exercising or dieting today.

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