25 Weird Things Every Woman Has Done At Least Once

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9. The real problem is when another person comes into poop and it turns into a poop stalemate. Nobody wins in a poop stalemate.

10. Spending way too much time trying to pluck one eyebrow because that one little hair won’t f*ck off.

11. …Instead, you manage to pinch that sensitive area right underneath your eyebrow and it hurts like hell.

12. And then your arms get tired and you just give up.

13. Wearing the same bra for an undetermined amount of time.

14. Checking yourself out.

15. Doing all kinds of positions in front of a mirror to see what it looks like from the dude’s perspective. Not bad.

16. Cup shower water in your boobies in order to unleash the water torrent on my walls/toes.

17. Masturbate to fall asleep quicker. So begins the dilemma: “Sleep or do that again?”

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