25 Weird Things You Can Do In Kids Games

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23. A Waking Nightmare

Tim Schafer is famous for his suite of wacky, bizarre video game experiences that often blur the line between cute and creepy. While his game’s aren’t necessarily for everyone, his 2005 classic Psychonauts is often heralded as one of the finest products of the sixth console generation. At a glance, the game is a comedic romp through the literal minds of some of the title’s zaney main characters. Yet, beneath the cartoony exterior, Schafer’s masterwork offers a sinister, twisted set of secrets for dedicated players to uncover.

The most gruesome of these mysteries can be found in Milla’s Dance Party. This section of the game seems upbeat, but a careful look through some of Milla’s hidden mental baggage reveals that she was once the curator of an orphanage which was set on fire. Unable to save some of the children from the flames, the anguished screams of those departed continue to burden her. Grim stuff, indeed.

22. Cause A Global Health Crisis In Pokémon

In terms of cheery, feel-good games, the Pokémon franchise is right up there with Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, and Nintendogs. But, of course, even this beloved series has its fair share of weird stuff. Everyone knows about the Lavender Town conspiracy and, while much more myth than fact, the whole thing puts something of a sour note on an otherwise adorable series of games.

Beyond that, Pokémon fans have to contend with the awful moral implications of purposely infecting their beloved companions with a highly contagious virus in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Yes, the Pokérus may grant double EV in battle, but the player is forcefully afflicting their creatures with a virus in the pursuit of fame and fortune. Only those blinded by the need to become the very best would fail to stop and consider the implications. In Pokémon, you either die with you your integrity or live long enough to become the most heartless trainer ever.

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