4 Weird Things Everyone Does When Alone

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When you are alone, the mirror becomes your best friend. Many like to prance about in front of the mirror as if modeling for a fashion photography shoot. Some enjoy putting on a private striptease to gauge their overall attractiveness.

Females will shake their body in front of the mirror to see any wobbling. Males will flex biceps and puff out their chest while sucking in any gut they might have. For fun next time, try to see how ugly you can make yourself look in the mirror.

Alone time is the perfect time to express your creative skills, even if you do not really have any of them. Many try a bit of dancing while imagining they are on a talent show. Some like to play air guitar with the music blaring or lip sync to songs with a pretend microphone. Others try out their real singing.

A piece of advice; if the neighbor’s dog starts howling in response to your real singing, do not give up your day job for an attempt to have a music career.


Men like to rapidly drink enough beer or soda to be able to belch profusely. Women may have a good cry for absolutely no reason. Everyone will probably pick their nose and flick the boogers away with their fingers. Chewing fingernails, popping zits, and/or picking scabs is popular. Smelling your own underarms is common too.

Both men and women enjoy a really loud fart and often say out loud afterward, “That was a big one!” For some strange reason, one’s own farts do not smell that bad but don’t do this too often as there are consequences. Instead of causing an embarrassment, even this will cause a big laugh.

Enjoy yourself while you are alone. Let’ go and have some weird fun. However, remember we all know what you are doing because we do it ourselves!

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