5 riding mistakes beginner mountain bikers make

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3. Not looking far enough down the trail

Anticipation is the name of the game in mountain biking, however it’s easy for beginners to get into the habit of staring down at the trail just ahead of the front wheel.

This can lead to problems (otherwise known as crashing), as you’re not able to anticipate the next obstacle on the trail quickly enough – basically everything becomes a surprise.

So next time you’re on a familiar piece of trail, think of a mantra that reminds you to look further ahead, meaning you’ll be able to anticipate the next feature earlier and adjust your line choice/speed accordingly.

4. Sitting down too much

Sitting down on that lovely comfy saddle may seem like a safe bet if the terrain gets tricky, but you will be missing out on the best shock absorbers on the planet, your legs.

Not only will your legs help you soak up all those lumps and bumps, they’ll also allow you to separate your body from your bike. This makes it easier to lean and shift your weight around, making you a faster, more confident mountain biker.

Check out any pro downhill or enduro race run and you’ll see a common theme throughout: the riders hardly ever sit down, so it’s a skill well worth paying attention to.

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