5 Strange But Normal Things About Your Baby Just After Birth

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You wait for nine months to hold your baby in your arms and expect it to be a perfect little angel, right? No matter how much the internet and books tell you about what to do once your kid arrives, the newborn might still take you by surprise. Some parents might even think the kids are from another world, but, hey relax! They’re just funny.

There are some weird things that infants do, which shout “crazy,” yet are completely normal. We compiled 6 strange things about the little munchkin that might freak you out, but all you need to do is take a chill-pill.

1. Explosive Poop

Okay, explosive might be a little too exaggerated. However, many parents might agree here. Wait until you have to deal with a diaper blowout or more, you might just nod at this too. Don’t worry; you are not the first parent to clean the baby’s poop off the walls. Since bowel movements in babies are mostly of a liquid consistency, it is easy for them to shoot them out with force.

When to worry:

If the poop has colour, whether it’s brown, green, or yellow, or if it has certain seedy particles, it is good to go. However, if you spot blood, it might be a good idea to get your paediatrician on the call.

2. Baby Breasts

You might remember those hormones that made you insane during your pregnancy. Well, guess what? They affect your baby as well. Excessive oestrogen may get passed through the umbilical cord and cause the development of breast buds on your baby, even in boys (1). Furthermore, these tiny breasts might leak liquid too. But, fret not! This condition will go away within a few weeks or months.

When to worry:

In case you notice any signs of severe tenderness and redness close to your baby’s breast, consult the doctor.

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