5 Weird Things All Catholics Do

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Sneaking Out After Communion

Catholics often complain about the length of Mass. A Catholic Mass is far from the longest Christian service, and Catholics can generally judge pretty well how long a Mass is going to take. If it is a high Mass, most people know to settle in for a longer service. The same is true when the church is packed. As such, plenty of Catholics leave Mass directly after Communion instead of staying for the final blessing and closing song. Since Catholic Masses follow the same pattern and ritual every week, everyone knows exactly what happens at each point in the service and what they may or may not be missing.

Everyone can tell when someone is planning to leave after Communion. They walk to the front of the church casually with everyone else to receive Holy Communion after casually gathering up their purse or coat as they leave the pew. Then, when everyone else returns to their seats, the person who is leaving simply keeps walking and slips out the backdoor. The funniest part of this for Catholics is that most people who leave early sneak out the back as if they are trying to hide, when the practice is so common that most Catholics do not even blink at someone leaving early anymore.

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