5 Weird Things the Queen Packs for Travel

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Queen Elizabeth II, although over 90, still travels a lot, and is probably the best-traveled monarch in history. But what does she take with her on her travels? Some of it is the usual, but a few things she packs are pretty strange.

1. Blood

Her own, that is. This is when Her Majesty is traveling to places where there might not be a reliable blood supply available in case of emergency. A doctor accompanies her on all her travels.

2. Jet-lag remedy

The Queen is in demand as soon as her plane touches down, so she has no time for jet lag. She has luckily discovered the perfect antidote: sugar barley. Who knew?!

3. A black wardrobe

All royals have to pack funeral-appropriate, all-black outfits in case another royal dies. That way, they will arrive back in the UK in the appropriate attire.

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