6 Weird And Awful Secrets Things Of North Korea

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Among all the whacked-out, evil dictatorships of the world, North Korea has managed to establish itself as the cream of the crop. It’s a perfect storm of ridiculous and horrifying, the ruling class a living parody of the eccentric evildoers from children’s cartoons. Death camps are offset by the plethora of images of North Korea’s tubby leader examining food. Horrific reports of executions and torture contrast with hilarious “diplomatic visits” to the country by weirdo former basketball player Dennis Rodman.

Unfortunately, we sometimes forget the harsh reality of life in North Korea. We ridicule the “Great Successor” as if he’s a portly and violent Kardashian and then don’t pay enough attention to the fact that, right now, a great many people in North Korea are living horrible lives in work camps. Virtually the whole country is starving, and because of the country’s strategic value, it’s unlikely that military intervention would ever be allowed without China’s involvement – and that doesn’t look likely.

So when you’re laughing at the crazy ridiculousness of North Korea, have a heart and take a second to acknowledge that even the most humourous moments brought to us by the Kims have a heavy human cost. Much greater than the humorous aspect of North Korea is the darker side of the nation’s crazy leadership; like the following six things North Korea have done, largely unbeknownst to the rest of the world…


One of the internet’s favourite go-to tidbits about North Korea is the giant rabbit farm proposed by the late Kim Jong-Il, and with good reason. It’s completely absurd.

The gist is that Kim found out about these giant rabbits being bred by a man named Karl Szmolinsky, and decided giant rabbit meat would be the perfect food source for the starving masses of North Korea. He had a few rabbits flown out to be displayed in a zoo, and arranged to have Szmolinsky fly out to help get the farms going properly a few months later.

That all got cancelled. Why? Likely because Kim ate all the rabbits. It turns out impulse control isn’t one of the prerequisites for being a dictator. Of course, it didn’t really matter, because the rabbits were terrible for meat. Completely nuts and completely useless. Very DPRK.

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