7 Great Used Plug-In and Electric Vehicles

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Ford Focus Electric

As its name suggests, the Ford Focus Electric is a fully electric version of the Ford Focus. Only offered as a hatchback, the Focus Electric touts a 76-mile fully electric range — an impressive figure for a fully electric model but compromised compared to a plug-in hybrid. Still, that figure should be good enough for most commutes. The Focus Electric’s biggest drawback is its price, which easily tops $30,000 with options, but there are good deals available if you choose a used model, as there are currently more than 200 different used Focus Electric models on Autotrader with an average price of around $11,700.

Mitsubishi i-MiEV

Don’t laugh — the tiny, egg-shaped Mitsubishi i-MiEV is actually a great electric vehicle for some car shoppers. While it can only travel about 65 miles on its electric motor, the i-MiEV’s real advantage comes in pricing: Not only is it cheap to buy new, but it’s especially cheap on the used market, with the average used i-MiEV listing on Autotrader for just $9,100. That’s not a bad figure when you consider that even the oldest i-MiEV is just 4 years old, and the small hatchback offers a lot of equipment, such as automatic headlights, an 8-speaker sound system and a navigation system. We wouldn’t necessarily buy an i-MiEV for highway trips, but it’d be a great car to drive around a crowded city or a small town center.

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