7 weird things you didn’t know about your eyebrows

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Nope, not just the most satisfying body part to pluck, eyebrows serve real important purpose.  Since we’ll take any kind of procrastination (and I trust you’re the same), we did a little digging to find out exactly why those ‘sisters not twins’ sit upon our eyelids. Evolution, ageing, and Mona Lisa’s lack of, here are 7 weird facts about eyebrows. Thank us at future pub quizzes.

1. They’re designed to help us see

Aside from being the most therapeutic part of our makeup routine, brows do have a real function. Us humans rely on our sight more than any other sense, and brows work to protect our eyes, through keeping moisture out (like rain and sweat). They can also deflect debris, and shield our eyes from the sun: a new meaning to ‘power brow’, right? We may have evolved to lose most of our body hair, but eyelashes and eyebrows have remained in tact to keep our peepers clear.

2. They’re an evolutionary advantage

While we’re not the only species sporting brows, we are the only mammals with eyebrows against bare skin. This is actually considered an evolutionary advantage, as other humans are able to interpret expression and emotion. While other mammals rely on brows as tactile sensors, we’re able to perceive anger, sadness and pure joy (like grabbing that freebie outside the tube station in the morn – rosemary water? Just what I wanted).

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