7 weird things you didn’t know about your eyebrows

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3. We’re not the first ones to groom them

Yep, though the scouse brow may be the current zeitgeist, plucking, defining and even threading to keep brows in shape are methods that go way back. Every culture throughout history has had a different way of shaping, we’re talking from 3500 BC. From shaving them clean off (looking at your Renaissance Florence), to barely-there brows with a tweezed hairline in Elizabethan England, brow trends are ever-changing.

4. The Mona Lisa doesn’t have eyebrows

Never thought of that before, eh? Eyebrows are often considered the most important aspect of facial recognition (research suggests that it’s tricky to identify individuals in images when their brows have been removed), but obviously we know the famous face of the Mona Lisa pretty well. Interesting fact though, in 2007 a press release stated that that she was originally painted with lashes and eyebrows, but years of overcleaning may have faded them (Mona, one word: microblading).

5. Your brows have a lifespan

It’s true. Your brows last four months on average, that’s how long it takes for the cycle to ‘refresh’ (each hair to fall out and a new one to grow back). Good news if you’ve overplucked (nineties babies can I get a ‘yessiree’), they should grow back. Of course, hair does thin as we age, thanks to changes in hormones, but the average lifespan is four months. As for plucking, if you’ve noticed a little bump appearing once you’ve pulled a hair out, that’s the follicle closing to try and save it. Cute.

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