9 Electric Supercars Racing To Be The Best

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Concept cars, especially supercar concepts, are more for looking at than actually driving — made to spark discussion, rather than reach any destination. However, electric supercar concept vehicles show that the electric engine is going mainstream. They herald a new era of electric vehicles and present some exciting prospects of what that future might be. Here’s a rundown of some new electric supercars that have some astonishing specs. Consider this light entertainment — and let us know in the comments of any cars we forgot to add.

Rimac Concept One

Year: 2013

Price: POA

Top Speed: 220 mph

Range: 205 miles

0–62 mph: 2.5 seconds

Rimac is a name in EVs that gets everyone excited because of cars like the Concept One. Any criticisms of its ergonomics or interior design are left shrinking in the rear-view mirror as soon as a foot hits the accelerator. A top speed of 220 mph saw this car smash the EV speed record earlier in 2017 at its Goodwood Festival of Speed debut, and reports unanimously agree that the Concept One is hugely entertaining to drive. Rather than an electric supercar, this is a supercar that happens to be electric, with power that speaks for itself.


Year: 2016

Price: €1 million

Top Speed: 194 mph

Range: 265 miles

0–62 mph: 2.7 seconds

Among its many impressive credentials, the NIO EP9 stands out for its self-driving capabilities. It set the record for the fastest lap driven by an autonomous vehicle at the Circuit of Americas track, planting itself as a speed demon for the future. This car is made to dominate the track, producing 24,000 newtons of downforce at 150 mph. That’s 200% more than the average Formula 1 car, allowing the EP9 to corner at a breakneck 3Gs.

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