9 Weird Things About Products You Won’t Believe Are Real

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From Sauna Pants to Face Blankets, these are some of the wildest products the internet has to offer.

Trawling the internet every day here , we get to see the very best of deals, the very worst of deals, and all too often, the outright bizarre. From flatulence-filtering underwear to UFO detectors, we’ve seen it all.

We figured it’s not quite fair for us to keep these life-changing wonders to ourselves, so we’ve shared some of the internet’s greatest hits (misses?) below. Welcome to the dark side of deal-hunting.

9 Weird Products You Won’t Believe Are Real

1. Shreddies USA Flatulence-Filtering Underwear

From $38 with free shipping

If you’ve suffered an awkward moment in the elevator or had to jump off the bus at the wrong stop after an embarrassing emission, you might want to consider a change in your diet. But if you’re not interested in cutting down on beans, you could simply trade in your dignity and buy this flatulence-filtering underwear. One particularly gaseous Amazon reviewer exclaimed, “These literally changed my life.”

2. UroClub

$24.95 with $17 s&h

Ever been on the golf course with your friends, needed to use the restroom, and thought, “If only I could pee into my golf club and then carry that around with me for the rest of my game!” No? Of course you haven’t. UroClub, which comes complete with a not-much-privacy towel, promises to relieve you from both an urgent need to urinate and embarrassing moments — but we strongly argue against the latter claim.

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