9 weird things that fell from the sky over Canada

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1. A shower of live lizards in Montreal, December 1857.

Shown above: an illustration of 1. Green lizard (genus Lacerta), 2. Shink (Scincus scincus), colour copper engraving, retouched in watercolour, 9×15 cm, from Dizionario delle scienze naturali compilato da vari professori del Giardino del Re e delle principali Scuole di Parigi (Natural Science Dictionary), published by V Batelli, Florence, 1837-1847.

2. A slight rain shower of huge black ants in Winnipeg, May 1895.

Shown above, a file image of European red wood ants (Formica polyctena).

3. Fish falling from a thunderstorm in Moose Jaw, Sask., July 1903

File image of fish at a market.

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