The 10 best spring skiing resorts in North America

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Last Tuesday marked the spring equinox, officially bringing an end to winter. Does that mean your ski and snowboard season is over? The answer to that question is absolutely not! Think we’re crazy? Don’t know what we’re talking about? Let us prove you wrong. Put up the bathing suits and grab the snow gear. Put that trip to the Caribbean on hold. This spring, head to the mountains! Why you ask? The days are longer, the crowds have reduced to a trickle, and the winter storms have given way to sunshine and warm temperatures. If you haven’t taken a trip out West this year, now is the time! Here are the 10 best spring skiing locales in North America!

Why you should GO!

  • Great deals to stay & ski
  • Sunny weather and warm temps
  • Non-existent crowds
  • The ability to do other stuff like golf, mountain bike AND ski in the same day
  • Chance to get in a sneaker pow day

Before you pick your resort, there are a few things you should know about spring skiing. First, don’t expect to ride a full day. Instead, focus on the full experience. The Après ski is almost as important as the skiing in spring. Is there a cool town to hang in? Do you have a place to grill and a patio to chill? How about a mountain bike park or a golf course? Now you feelin’ it? These are quite different questions to ask than a winter trip, right? Next, don’t expect the resorts to be at full operation but this is good news. It means you’ll have a ton of terrain all to yourself and can lap those runs until you can’t feel your legs. Lastly, even in April or early May, there’s still a chance for a sneaker pow day. We’ve had quite a few and they are awesome!

Things to consider when picking a spring locale

Where should you go? Here are the things to consider when picking a resort:

  • Historically open late into the season
  • Large amount of terrain above treeline
  • Deep snowpack
  • Ski resort that’s received lots of snow for the season (at least annual average)

Best Spring Skiing Resorts in North America

#10 Killington

Average April/May Snowfall: 24 inches

We had to at least tip our hat towards the East. Besides Mammoth on our list, Killington also pushes the envelope on extending their season as long as possible. Through mid-April, there’s a good chance the majority of the mountain will be open for you to shred. Killington has even been known to stay open into late May and even into June. With a summit elevation of only 4,241 feet, how can that be? They do this by making snow on one run called Superstar all winter long. The snow on this trail stacks up to nearly three stories tall. Talk about dedication to skiing and snowboarding!

#9 Loveland

Average April/May Snowfall: 71 inches

Average Maximum Snow Depth: 70 inches

Terrain Open: 100% open through end of April conditions permitting

Projected Closing Day: May 7th

Most people zoom past as they head to one of the major resorts like Keystone, Copper, or Winter Park. A no frills destination, Loveland is a great example of a mountain still tapped into the soul of skiing and snowboarding. The focus is all about the mountain and not about real estate. Receiving some of the highest snowfall counts in the region and hugging the continental divide, this translates to a season that starts in October and lasts into May or longer. Powder days still happen often in April! By this time or year, the snowpack is deep enough, allowing you to access all of the cool terrain Loveland has to share. This quaint mountain packs quite the punch and is highly recommended! The only reason it’s so low on the list is because of its early closing date.

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