The best 19 destinations for backpackers to visit in 2019

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5. Egypt

If you’re thinking of backpacking to a destination that is mighty rich in history, but you haven’t found the perfect destination yet, let us introduce you to Egypt! A country that attracts curious backpackers who are keen to explore its ancient history that quietly, yet powerfully, fills the land. Boasting numerous things to see from sailing on the famous Nile River, to dusting off your magnifying glass to do some exploring from ancient times, including the pyramids, temples and much more. Egypt really has a lot to offer backpackers who seek adventure, for example, The Lost City. Dive deep (literally) into the dark ocean waters and explore a world that remains a huge mystery.

Sitting in the heart of Cairo, Hostrgam Hostel is the perfect central hostel and base for backpackers looking to explore both the inner and outer parts of Cairo. The central location of the hostel means that a lot of attractions are within a few kilometres away (Fitbit: 10,000 steps a day – check!) The homely hostel also offers a delicious free breakfast – the perfect way to prepare for your day of Egyptian adventures!

6. Jordan

Every now and again you have one of those travel experiences that’s not only life-changing, but also soul-tingling. The magical Kingdom of Jordan is one of those destinations that makes you look at the beautiful planet we call home through fresh and sparkly eyes. Where better to get your nomad on, than with the indigenous Bedouin community. They were the original travellers and if you visit the ancient city of Petra (of course you’re going to visit Petra!), you’ll see the Bedouin men riding around on horseback. Petra is a must-visit. You may have seen it on the ‘gram and you may know it as The Lost City in Indiana Jones, but nothing prepares you for seeing this Wonder of the World in real life. Jordan is far from a one-trick pony and exploring the Wadi Rum Desert is another experience that never fails to amaze. Whether you choose to take a camel, or fly through the dunes in the back of a truck, the desert-scapes are out of this world! There’s more, so much more, from Dead Sea mud-bathing to the buzzing capital of Amman.

Seven Wonders Bedouin Camp is our hot hostel tip. Stay among the Bedouin community, in a cosy tent (think super fancy tent, with a proper bed) and spend your evenings sat around the campfire with a belly full of home cooked middle eastern food. With tiny lanterns dotted around ‘Little Petra’s rocks and stars for miles, you’ll think you’ve died and gone to hostel heaven. Seven Wonders is just 15 minutes from big Petra and they’ll even take you there.

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