Top 10 Rarest Supercars You Probably Will Never See, Ever!

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Supercars have always been the dream of car enthusiasts. What they offer is the extraordinary power, exceptional control, incredible sound, and alluring appearance. Of course, for such high quality cars, the price range is often from 6-digit to 7-digit number. As you may expect, these supercars are somewhat rare. But if you can afford them, getting these sweet and ferocious beasts isn’t much of an issue. However, there are certain supercars which are extremely rare that you will never get or even see them. And so here we are: the Top 10 Rarest Supercars You Probably Will Never See, Ever!

10. Mercedes Benz CLK GTR:

  • Total Amount: 25
  • Release Year: 1999
  • Base Price: N/A

Mercedes Benz CLK GTR, specifically the Mercedes Benz CLK GTR street version only has 25 in total. Initially, the Mercerdes Benz CLK GTR was mainly created for FIA GT1 Championship in 1999; however, this FIA GT1 was cancelled. Still, due to obligation, they had to build 25 street versions of CLK GTR.

The CLK GTR features 604-horsepower 6.9 liter V12 engine, which can unleash a top speed of 214 mph. To get from 0 to 62 mph, it takes 3.8 seconds.

Since this is a model from 1999, its appearance can be a bit “out of place” in today’s standard. Yet, we have to agree that it is pretty impressive. If we consider its timeline, CLK GTR was definitely one of the most exciting supercars.

9. Porsche 911 GT1:

  • Total Amount: 25
  • Release Year: 1997
  • Base Price: N/A

Talking about road-legal race cars, next on the list we have an equally rare one which is Porsche 911 GT1 from 1997. Originally, this one was a race car and it achieved quite a number of successes. Later on, due to the regulation from FIA GT1, the company had to create 25 street version of Porsche 911 GT1.

In order to become legal in European emission law, the engine of Porsche 911 GT1 had to be toned down a bit. As the results, we have street-version Porsche 911 GT1 with 537-horsepower 3.2-litre flat-6 twin-turbo engine which can boost up to 191 mph max speed. The car’s acceleration from 0 to 62 mph takes 3.9 seconds.

Again, we have an old model in 1997. But in any cases, we have an “antique” race car which can be drove on street, how cool is that?

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