Weird Things Only Girls Do With Their Best Friends

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You’re best friend has seen you at your best, and at your worst. They have stood by your side through breakups and makeups, the hilarious moments and the serious ones. So it isn’t surprising that when you and your friend are behind closed doors, you two have a relationship that is unexplainable to others. It’s past being comfortable around each other, its that you two have an understanding of one another that is like soul mates, two weird, goofy and totally out there soul mates. Here are some things only you and your best friend do together when no one is around.

Plan Every Detail Of Your Future Unknown Wedding

You two have fantasized together about marrying celebrity heartthrobs like Justin Timberlake, or your weird celebrity crush like Ray Liotta. You have described your fantasy wedding and often it involves a flash mob and that super hunky cashier at whole foods you always smile at.

You Fantasize About Futures Together

Get your own separate lives with your future spouses and children? No way. When you two think about the future, it is all joint houses on the beach, spouses who happen to be brothers, and growing old in rocking chairs together drinking wine and laughing all night.

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